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Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm EST
colin kaepernick, this stallion that we're talking about and the other one change to the offensive coordinator with three weeks left. that was a little bit more understandable because a lot of the players had been chafing at the offense that they had been running but be that as it may both of them have been risky moves that paid off. >> and there's the narrative of raye louis. >> ray lewis obviously 36-year-old linebacker for the ravens. you know, the first day that the baltimore ravens really existed that anybody started to get to know them was on draft day in 1996. long-time football fans will remember that the cleveland browns left cleveland. art modell moves them to baltimore. so the first real big thing they did was have a draft. and in the first round that day, the first round of that draft they picked ray lewis. it's amazing. that was 1996 and he's still playing here it is 2013. at the most rough-and-tumble position there is, middle linebacker, you get careened around and you get hit, stomped, concussed. when the ravens called them to tell them that he had been drafted, the
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm PST
alt who usedo coach colin kaepernick in nevada i said this is as exciting a time as i remember on the field since i've ever covered the n.f.l. because -- >> rose: a number of very good quarter backs who can do everything. >> who are playing the game differently. everybody always says oh, keep your quarter back in the pocket you don't want to get him hurt. but now everybody is saying well okay, i'm going to tell my quarterback at the first sign that he's going to get killed dive down, don't take the big hit. but all these guys, just watch, they don't take those huge hits. but they get out in the open field and make things happen. look at russell wilson, he plays like fran tarkenton used to. >> rose: compare the harbaugh brothers, john at the ravens, jim at the 49ers who came from stanford and had been a college coach. and harbaugh i think -- john, was-the-safety coach or something? >> he was the defensive back field coach and a special teams coach. special teams coach for the philadelphia eagles and he spent one year as a defensive back field coach because he wanted to be a head coach
Feb 2, 2013 12:00am EST
transitionary game if colin kaepernick and the 49ers prevail it could dawn a new era of quarterback the way you approach it in the nfl. >> rose: he's strong too. >> he's amazing. but so is joe flacco. i mean flacco for the ravens has had one of the best quarterback performances in the postseason in history, eight touchdowns, no picks. the of course the heave at the end of regulation in denver to knock out payton and the broncos in double overtime. it is a wonderful matchup at that position. flacco, classic pocket passer. young kid, kaepernick could revolutionize the way we look at the quarterback role. >> rose: there is a game day in which you go and spend time with the 49ers. another day you spend time with the ravens. is that, what is the purpose of that? is it simply broadcast material or for you and phil and the cbs team to get a sense of where they are at the moment. >> they willingly share a lot of confidence information with you. you never compromise that information. if you do you are out of this business in the next day. so a game starts on sunday. we know what they are all thi
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)